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Cvana Specifications

Robust Construction

Powdercoated Aluminium Housing and Arms. The majority of mechanical components are stainless steel or synthetic to ensure long life.


Curved housing available up to 5.8 metres

Square housing available up to 3.6 metres

Up to 2.5 metre projection

  • The projection is determined by the height of the vehicle and the height available to attach the two arms.


2-Hole T

2 hole T website

3-Hole T

3 hole T website

Curved housing

Curved housing profile website

End plates

End plates for housing website

Rivnut locking device

Riv nut for locking fabric when in out position website



Fitting Information

  • Arms can be positioned up to 1.5 metres from either end of the awning.
  • For curved sided vehicles the track and arms can be contoured to the shape of the vehicle.
  • The awning track and vertical runners are screwed and bonded to the vehicles outer surface.

Will A Cvana Fit My Vehicle?

Awning Fabric

  • The standard fabric used is a high quality acrylic canvas which is available in a large variety of colours and patterns.
  • Acrylic Canvas or PVC

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